Why Cyprus

Tại sao bạn chọn sip?

Despite the recent difficulties, the country retains certain unique features which ensure that in the medium term and long term, Cyprus real estate has strong growth prospects:

  • Ideally located on the crossroad between 3 continents; Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Beautiful scenery with c. 350 days of sunshine and a mild climate
  • Friendly population and interesting culture with virtually no crime
  • European Union and commonwealth membership
  • Low corporation tax (12.5%) and network of double tax treaties incl. China and Russia
  • English Law based legal system offering transparency and certainty
  • Land registry providing a safe and simple regime for protecting and transferring title
  • High level of education and services. Ninety percent of Cypriots speak English
  • Excellent infrastructure and telecommunications
  • Tourism facilities continues to improve such as recent opening of Limassol mega-yacht marina with plans for a similar project in Paphos and 5 golf courses
  • Advanced medical care - prospects of becoming a healthcare and centre

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