Buying Procedure

Buying Procedure

Buying Procedure

Arranging your Property Mortgage | Budged

Before start looking for properties we suggest firstly to arrange your finances.(What is my budget? Can I have a mortgage through the bank?)

Choice of Property

 Call us on +357 26 200 400 , email us, or visit our office where we can discuss your property requirements.We will arrange a tour for you and view properties according to your requirements. ( If it's necessary we can arrange a person who can speak your language ) 

Contract of Sale

After you found the property that is suitable for you we create a draft Contract of Sale.The buyer can assign our certified lawyer (for free) or any other of his/her choice who will act on his/her behalf and will investigate the property from the legal point of view in order to protect the interests of the buyer. Once the contract has been signed by both parties the buyer must pay 5-7% of the value of the property as deposit so the property will be reserved.

Registration of Contract of Sale in the Land Registry

The lawyer must submit the Contract of Sale within 6 months to the District Lands Office to register the purchase in order to secure the buyer's ownership rights.With the full amount of payment of the agreed contract the Land Registry office will prepare the transfer of the Tittle Deeds(Up to 2-3 weeks to issued).

Enjoy your new Home!!


A legal check of the property you are purchasing must be done; it is under the responsibility of your lawyer to find out if the property is burdened by any encumbrances. If the purchasing property has any mortgages on it, then the lawyer must arrange from the bank the so-called bank waiver. The bank waiver can be issued from the bank after the payment of a specific amount. It is of high importance to ensure this document because it is your guarantee that your property will not be confiscated by the bank should the vendor go bankrupt.

Selling procedures:


  • Evaluate your financial situation and budget.
  • Collect title deeds (if available), survey, mortgage, insurance and other key documents.

How urgently do you need to sell your house? Is a career or job change prompting your relocation? Is your move tied to a school year, medical concerns, or financial pressures?

Urgency determines price. The more quickly you must sell, the lower you must price the house. If you wait for the ideal offer you can price your house accordingly.


Asses the Condition and Sale-ability of your house.

  • Evaluate the condition of your property.
  • Fix problems

Know your properties strengths and weakness. Tour your house with a critical eye. Identify the problems that are almost certain to be discovered and have them fixed. Even if you don’t fix them, you can incorporate the knowledge of any problems into your pricing.

Do your research.

Establish the Price.

  • Research your local market.
  • Establish your price parameters.

Here are the essential steps to establish a fair market value for your house.

  • Check the prices of recently sold properties.
  • Get a value estimate through a valuation service.
  • The most in depth, and authoritative, valuation is an appraisal on site, in person, by an appraiser. Armed with a professional evaluation, you can price the home more accurately and show the appraisal to potential buyers as an official documentation.

Prepare for the sale!

Get ready to sell.

  • Clean: Clearing out detritus of everyday life, will help sellers see the actual house. First clear your clutter. Then clean your suddenly spacious house.
  • Stage:  Staging is the art of creating a welcoming environment that helps buyers envision their life into your house. You can stage using accessories and furniture you already have.


List on the market

  • Option Agreement must be signed with Winwin Estates
  • Photos of the property will be incorporated into our Website.


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