Cyprus Property Sales Rise

Cyprus Property Sales Rise

November 2016 has seen a big rise in property sales in Cyprus.  Unsurprising as it may be, this phenomenon followed up from the previous months of the year 2016, so as to reveal a 46% increase in property sales (compared to November 2015).  This is apparent from the official figures which were reported by the Department of Lands & Surveys in Cyprus.

While there was an increase in almost all of the cities, Paphos remains a major player in the property sales market.  During the months January to November 2016, Paphos has seen a 28% increase in total property sales.

For instance, sales to overseas (Non-Cypriot) buyers in Paphos rose by 74% in November 2016, in comparison to sales which occurred in November 2015. 

Likewise, the November 2016 sales to domestic (Cypriot) buyers in Paphos rose by 56% compared to sales in November 2015.  Taking into account the entire first 11-month period of 2016, it is clear that property sales went up by 40% compared to the respective period of 2015.

These figures clearly demonstrate the increasingly high demand in purchasing properties and the effectiveness of the Cypriot market in selling properties as well.  This success is partly owed to the highly experienced people in the field of property sales and partly owed to the astonishingly beautiful sceneries that the island of Cyprus – especially Paphos - has to offer.

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